Our Story


“When we discover something magical, the joy is in sharing it.”  —Sheila Lukins & Julee Rosso

TRICOTER (Tri’•ko•tay) French verb “to knit” feels in retrospect, to be the inevitable destiny of partners Beryl Hiatt and Lindy Ward. The store is a tribute to the wisdom of true friends who can sometimes see us more clearly than we can see ourselves, the timing of events that bring together the most unlikely individuals, and the electricity of shared passions borne of an appreciation for beauty, color and texture. It speaks also, to the ability of the timeless process of knitting to transform the lives of those who succumb to it’s rhythmic progression of stitches. We believe that we are products of our passions.

The key to Tricoter’s success has been due in great part to our commitment to help our customers make beautiful sweaters that really fit, to design easy-to-follow patterns that reflect the individual style of each customer, and to provide a broad selection of the most beautiful, luxurious and colorful fibers available. We are constantly knitting new sample sweaters for inspiration. We provide complete finishing services and can assemble the sweater that has been sitting unfinished in a closet for months creating guilt or handle the tricky technical parts of completing sweaters that, when properly executed make them look  truly professional. We also design and custom knit for many clients who love sweaters but do not knit themselves.

Tricoter has been described as an “experience rather than a store” by more than one customer. We have also been accused of being “a front for a healing center”. Our love of beauty, color and design was the catalyst for a bright, colorful environment (not unlike our living room) but it is the sense of community that gives us the greatest pleasure. This has been created in part by the large round tables where customers are invited to come and work through challenging details of their project with expert assistance always close at hand. It is due even more to the unique bond that knitting creates between souls with little else in common, the friendships forged by the shared joys and trials inevitably discussed around the tables as women (and a growing number of men) knit, that makes Tricoter truly unique.